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Where Qualifications Count

As a surgically trained, board-certified prosthodontist in Newton, MA, Dr. Noah Orenstein is a standout among his peers. Few other practitioners in the area have completed the demanding four-part examination required to advance from “board-eligible” to actual board certification. 

For you, this means not only that Dr. Orenstein provides highly skilled treatment but that he remains current on all the techniques and technologies in the field. His ongoing recertification ensures you’ll always get the latest treatment available. Count on Dr. Orenstein to provide you with the most comprehensive, modern dental care.

In dentistry, solid academic credentials are crucial, but they don’t make up the entire picture. Equally important to Dr. Orenstein is the close bond he forms with you, our valued patient. He prides himself on building a lasting relationship in which you’ll always feel comfortable seeking treatment from him. 

Our practice is a warm, welcoming, and fun environment with all the clinical capabilities but without the clinical feel. Come meet our team and see if you don’t immediately notice the difference.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Board-certified prosthodontist
  • Comprehensive care under one roof
  • Dental implant placement and restoration
  • Predictable dental implant surgery with nSequence®
  • In-house restorations for superior aesthetics
  • Exceptional chairside manner
  • 10+ years in practice
  • Invisalign® certification
  • Pinhole® Surgical Technique certification
  • Convenient mobile scanning capabilities
  • Same-day, in-house crown fabrication
  • Flexible financing options

Specialty Treatments

Restoring your smile is the common aim behind all of Dr. Orenstein’s treatment options. Whether you need to regain your dental health, function, esthetics—or all of these—he has the expertise and technology to deliver. Dental implants are one of his signature treatments, and with good reason. 

Designed to replace missing or untreatable teeth, implants look, feel, and perform just like natural teeth. What’s more, they never decay, and can last a lifetime with proper care. If eating, speaking, and smiling have become awkward or uncomfortable to you, dental implants can help you permanently reclaim your quality of life.

Don’t like the way your teeth look? No matter if they’re crooked, stained, or damaged, Dr. Orenstein has an effective treatment to eliminate flaws and make you love your smile. A caring, compassionate person, he really listens to you to learn your smile goals. Nothing gives him greater joy than seeing your face when you first see your renovated smile. 

Extensively trained in cosmetic dentistry, he can provide you with a single treatment or a comprehensive course of treatment for full mouth rehab. A smile makeover will not only change your teeth, it will change your outlook on life.

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