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Modern, Customized Denture Solutions

When you’re missing teeth, you dread conversations and social interactions and avoid them whenever possible. You also can’t eat all the foods you can with a complete set of teeth—including some of your favorites. And your confidence sinks. Fortunately, there are several ways to replace your lost teeth. Of all of them, dentures have been in use the longest. In fact, they’re still in use today because they work well and are one of the most economical options. Modern dentures look more natural and can be customized in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago. If you’re considering replacing your teeth, consider dentures in Newton, MA.

As a board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Noah Orenstein is a specialist in restoring missing teeth. While all prosthodontists are trained to provide dentures, very few of them in the Newton area have achieved board-certification. That means they haven’t undergone rigorous testing and continuing education to ensure they know all the latest techniques and therapies. With his advanced knowledge and skills, Dr. Orenstein can treat even the most complex case of tooth loss and restoration. Count on him to provide the best denture solution for you.

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The Benefits of Dentures

  • Have a full, attractive smile again
  • Enjoy a more satisfying selection of foods
  • Experience greater confidence
  • Eat and speak without embarrassment
  • Save on the cost of other tooth replacement options

Multiple Ways to Restore Your Smile

If you have some healthy teeth still in your mouth, partial dentures fill in the spaces left by your missing teeth, provide all the function of real teeth, and keep your existing teeth from shifting out of place. If you’ve been left with no teeth, whether as a result of poor dental hygiene, heredity, or severe oral trauma, you can reclaim the beauty and function of a complete smile. We can provide customized upper dentures and lower dentures that are made specially to fit you! They’ll feel comfortable—and make you feel comfortable to smile once again. But traditional dentures aren’t your only option.

Implant supported dentures combine the best features of dentures and dental implants in a single cost-effective solution. You won’t worry about your dentures slipping while you’re eating or enjoying a conversation with a friend, because they’re attached to your jaw with dental implants. For the greatest stability and most natural look, consider full mouth dental implants to replace an entire set of missing teeth. They’re virtually indistinguishable from real teeth in function and appearance and are built to last. Dr. Orenstein would be happy to explain all your tooth replacement options in a one-on-one consultation.  Schedule yours without delay!

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