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Feeling insecure around others because you have no healthy teeth? Tired of eating only soft foods? Get ready to smile again! Dr. Noah Orenstein offers multiple ways to restore the look and function of a full set of teeth to your mouth. One of them will fit your smile goals, your timeline, and your budget. 

As a surgically trained, board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Orenstein is a specialist in restoring teeth with dental implants and other methods. With his extensive qualifications, he’s the doctor to rely on for everything from dentures to full mouth dental implants in Newton, MA.

After he completed dental school, Dr. Orenstein embarked upon a further three years of advanced training in restorative treatments, then went on to earn certification from the American Board of Prosthodontics. 

Board certification is a designation only about one in 20 of his fellow prosthodontists have achieved. While many of them are board-eligible, they haven’t fulfilled the requirements for certification, which include rigorous testing and ongoing recertification. Dr. Orenstein has also served as an adjunct faculty member at the prestigious Harvard University School of Dental Medicine’s Advanced Program for Implant Reconstruction. He’s a verified expert in all smile restoration methods.

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Many Full Mouth Solutions

Dentures have been around for many years and are probably the best-known way to replace teeth. This economical option fits right onto your gums and is kept in place either with suction or an adhesive gel. Upper dentures come with at least a partial false palate attached, which, while it provides some stability, can also limit your ability to taste and feel food in your mouth. 

Another type of dentures—implant supported dentures—are kept secure in your mouth by dental implants, so they won’t slip. They also don’t interfere with food taste and sensation.

The unquestionably superior option for reclaiming a complete smile is full mouth dental implants. Nothing else looks more natural, feels more comfortable, or is made to last as long. If you take care of your dental implants the way you would natural teeth, you may be able to enjoy dependable performance from them for a lifetime. 

Implant placement is a multi-phased process; once it’s complete, you’ll speak and smile without a care and eat anything you want!

  • Removable Dentures
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  • Implant Supported Dentures
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  • Full Mouth Dental Implants

Predictable Surgery with nSequence® Technology

To provide these amazing and life-changing results, Dr. Orenstein utilizes revolutionary nSequence technology to digitally plan and complete your dental implant surgery. This facially-driven workflow removes all guesswork from your treatment to ensure exacting and predictable outcomes, for both the surgery and the restoration. 

With nSequence technology, Dr. Orenstein will virtually plan your case in advance using sophisticated CAD/CAM software. This involves both the implant placement and the restoration for optimal fit, function, and aesthetics. Your surgery will be efficient and exacting, and in most cases, will result in the immediate placement of a provisional. You’ll never be without teeth!

Reclaiming an Amazing Smile and Fulfilling Life

Phase 1: Discussion and Preparation

The majority of our patients come to us eligible for dental implants or can become eligible after undergoing one or two preliminary treatments. For instance, if you have a few decayed teeth remaining, Dr. Orenstein may extract them to make room for your full mouth dental implants. If your jawbone has decayed as a result of tooth loss, he can rebuild it through bone grafting—typically during the same visit. Dr. Orenstein will determine if you need any of these during a free one-on-one consultation here in our office. This will give him a chance to learn about the smile you want, do a comprehensive examination, and make x-rays of the proposed treatment area.

Dr. Orenstein uses a convenient mobile CT scanning service to capture images that help him plan for a successful implant placement process. The equipment is actually mobile and will go right to you wherever you are—at work, at home, or at your favorite coffee place! Using the information your exam and scans give him, he can establish the specifications for your customized guided surgical template, should he determine that your case requires one. Created just for you by a reputable outside lab, the guide empowers Dr. Orenstein to place your implants with greater precision and predictability.

Phase 2: Implant Placement

On your next visit Dr. Orenstein will place your implants using the pre-fabricated nSequence surgical guide. Before the appointment, you’ll take single-dose oral sedation to keep you calm and comfortable through your procedure. With you comfortably sedated, Dr. Orenstein will complete any of those preliminary treatments before continuing with the procedure. If your placement includes surgical guides, he’ll position them over your gums. Pre-set holes in the guide enable him to insert your implants—the minimum number needed to securely support your implant restorations—into your jaws at the optimal angle and depth.

Phase 3: Your Smile—and Life—Restored

The post-placement healing process generally takes three or more months. While healing your implants go through a process called osseointegration, during which they permanently fuse with your jawbone. Once you’re fully healed, you’ll return to receive your final restorations. These are two full arches of strong artificial teeth that will shine just like a healthy set of the real ones. You’ll leave our office ready to face the world with a strong, confident, beautiful smile once again—and to get reacquainted with the taste of all of your favorite foods!
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Take Cost out of the Equation

As the only tooth replacement option that can last the rest of your life, dental implants are the best overall way to put a full, happy, and healthy smile back on your face. 

To make full mouth dental implants affordable, we’ve enlisted a top third-party financing company to provide flexible payment plan options for you. In addition, we also offer exclusive in-house payment plans to help you afford your treatment. And we take dental insurance, working closely with your provider to ensure that you get the maximum benefits that your plan allows. 

We’ll do what it takes to put full mouth dental implants in Newton, MA within your reach!

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