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Teeth Whitening - Newton, MA

Make Your Teeth Sparkle

Brighten Up Your Life with Teeth Whitening

Dull, discolored, stained teeth may not harm your dental health, but they can destroy your self-esteem. You’re afraid to smile and speak around others. You don’t like having your picture taken. With his compassionate, reassuring chairside manner, Dr. Noah Orenstein will quickly take away any worries you may have about the color of your teeth. With one special gel, he can lighten your teeth by several shades, making them shine like never before. As a board-certified prosthodontist, he has extensive specialty training in many facets of cosmetic dentistry. Count on him for effective teeth whitening in Newton, MA.

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The Importance of a Professional

To have noticeably whiter teeth you need two advantages: the esthetic expertise of an experienced professional like Dr. Orenstein and the strength of a professional-grade teeth whitening treatment. Opalescence® is our treatment of choice. While many whitening products are available to you in stores, they can’t match the effectiveness or staying power of our professional-grade treatment. It can give you results that are both surprising and lasting, whether as a standalone treatment, or as part of a full smile makeover. With Opalescence, you can enjoy:

  • A spectacularly shiny smile
  • A boost in your self-confidence
  • Impressive results in a single visit
  • Whiteness that lasts well after your treatment
  • A more satisfying overall quality of life

Whiter Teeth in One Visit

Opalescence is not only a reliable treatment, it’s fast too. During your treatment, Dr. Orenstein applies a thick gel made up of a combination of hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate on your teeth multiple times within one appointment. The gel erodes the stains and areas of discoloration, producing brighter, stronger, and less sensitive teeth in about 90 minutes. Some whitening treatments make your teeth more sensitive to extremes of temperature and may also require you to return for additional visits. With Opalescence treatment, you can continue your teeth whitening process at home using a special tooth whitening gel and toothpaste after just one in-office treatment!

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Take Your Teeth from Stained to Stunning

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