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Worried About a Few Missing Teeth?

Implants Make Your Smile Whole Again

While it can make you feel self-conscious in social situations and cause you difficulties when eating, your incomplete smile isn’t permanent. The solution to it is, however. Dental implants provide the appearance and performance of natural teeth—and they’re made to last a lifetime with proper care. Partial dentures and dental bridges are both acceptable options, but they don’t offer the same protection to your jaws or stability to your bite. With dental implants, you won’t feel self-conscious or have trouble eating anymore. You’ll enjoy a new level of confidence and a better overall quality of life. Dr. Noah Orenstein is changing lives every day with dental implants in Newton, MA.

As a surgically trained, board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Orenstein is a dental implant specialist. After graduating from dental school, he undertook an additional three years of specialty training in restorative treatments including implants. He later achieved board certification from the American Board of Prosthodontics. Only about 5% of his peers have attained the same title. Some are board-eligible, having not completed the intensive testing and other prerequisites required for board certification. Due to his peerless qualifications, Dr. Orenstein has served as an adjunct faculty at the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine’s Advanced Program for Implant Reconstruction. You won’t find a more qualified expert to provide your dental implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • A greater variety of foods
  • Comfortable, natural speech
  • Increased self-confidence
  • A higher quality of life
  • A complete, healthy smile
  • Reliable performance for a lifetime

Three Steps to a Spectacular Smile

Step 1: Your Consultation and Examination

Like most of our patients, you’re probably already eligible to receive dental implants. If you aren’t, you should qualify after one or two initial treatments. If you’re looking to replace some decayed teeth that are still in your mouth, Dr. Orenstein will need to extract them. If your tooth loss has also caused you to lose jawbone mass, he can reconstruct it with bone grafting. Dr. Orenstein can establish your eligibility with a free, personalized consultation. During this visit he’ll discuss your smile goals, conduct a thorough examination, and take an x-ray.

Dr. Orenstein works with a mobile CT scanning service to collect some images he needs to plan your implant placement. The scanner is installed in a van that can go anywhere that’s convenient for you—your home, work, or the local coffee shop! With all of the information he collects, he can determine the specifications for a customized guided surgical template, if he decides one is needed. Fabricated specifically for you by an independent but trusted lab, this guide enables Dr. Orenstein to provide highly precise implant placement in less time, giving you the best possible outcome.

Step 2: Your Placement Procedure

When you come back for your implant placement, you can remain comfortable and fear-free through your appointment with single-dose oral sedation. You’ll take a pill prior to your placement procedure and feel relaxed during it. Once you’re sedated, Dr. Orenstein will perform any prerequisite treatments, e.g., extractions, before proceeding with implant placement. If he’ll be using a surgical guide, he places it over the treatment area at this point. The guide has holes that enable Dr. Orenstein to insert your implants into your jawbone at precisely the right location, depth, and angle for long-lasting success.

Dr. Orenstein places implants created by Keystone, acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of dental implants. Since implants are meant to stay in your mouth the rest of your life, they need to be of optimal quality. Keystone provides that quality. Unlike natural teeth, implants don’t develop cavities. Take care of them and they’ll give you many years of dependable performance. With your implants placed, Dr. Orenstein will put temporary crowns and/or bridges on your implants, giving you the look and function of a full smile while your treatment site is healing.

Step 3: Your Permanent Restorations

After implant placement the treatment site will need to heal for an average of three to six months. During healing, the implants will undergo osseointegration, becoming permanently anchored in your jawbone. At the end of your healing process, you’ll come back for an appointment to have your final restorations (crowns or bridges) put on. These are sturdy, authentic-looking artificial crowns that Dr. Orenstein will choose to match the shade, size, and shape of the neighboring teeth. With your new teeth in place, you can share a complete, confident smile with the world again—and get back to enjoying all your favorite foods!
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A Restored Smile Within Your Budget

The sole tooth replacement option built to last a lifetime, dental implants are the optimal way to restore your smile after you’ve lost teeth or have developed untreatable decay. To put this treatment within your reach, we’ve partnered with a major third-party financing company to offer you payment plans and have also created exclusive in-house payment plans. In addition, we accept dental insurance and work closely with your insurance provider to see that you get the fullest benefits from your plan. If you’re looking for dental implants in Newton, MA, don’t let cost discourage you. Let’s see what we can do for you!

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