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Laser Dentistry - Newton, MA

Scalpel-Free Treatment

Making Light Work of Soft Tissue Issues

While not all patients suffer from dental anxiety, most would rather avoid having sharp dental instruments in their mouths. You might be happy to know that Dr. Noah Orenstein can complete all or part of some key procedures without a scalpel. Instead, he uses minimally invasive laser technology to make incisions in your soft tissue. This state-of-the-art system uses high-intensity light in place of sharp metal. It allows for even greater surgical accuracy, leaving healthy adjacent tissues untouched. Empowered by vast expertise as a surgically trained, board-certified prosthodontist, and minimally invasive technology, Dr. Orenstein is the practitioner to rely on for laser dentistry in Newton, MA.

The Many Advantages of Laser Dentistry

  • Less anesthesia required
  • No scalpels, needles, or sutures needed
  • Minimal pain, bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity
  • Instant disinfection of infected areas
  • Milder, faster procedures
  • Great precision for more predictable outcomes
  • A shorter recovery with fewer complications
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Select Laser Treatments

Gum Disease Treatment

Advanced gum disease is incurable, but it is also treatable. Left unchecked, it can result in deep pockets forming between your teeth and gums, tooth loss and jawbone recession. Dr. Orenstein can offer effective periodontal treatment for all stages of gum disease with our laser system, instantaneously destroying signs of infection on your gums and within the pockets. Your gums will look and feel revitalized afterward!

Laser Frenectomy

You may not know what your frenula are, but you use them every day. They’re those thin pieces of tissue that secure your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and your upper lip to your upper gums. If these tissues are too short, they may limit your ability to eat and speak properly. With a frenectomy, Dr. Orenstein uses the laser to remove the restrictive tissues and give your mouth normal, comfortable freedom of movement.

Laser Gingivectomy

Infections on your gums can spread, compromising previously healthy tissues. With the laser, Dr. Orenstein can carefully remove only the specific parts of gum tissue that can’t be treated. If you feel that you have excessive gum tissue—what’s sometimes called a “gummy smile”—he can use the laser to shorten and reshape your gums, giving you a more balanced, esthetically pleasing smile.

Dental Implant Uncovery

Sometimes implants are sealed under your gum tissue in order to be given time to heal. When your implants have fully integrated with the underlying bone, they’re ready to receive the final restorations. Instead of opening the gum tissue with a scalpel, Dr. Orenstein can make a small incision in your gums using his laser equipment.

Choose the Smart Alternative to Sharp Instruments

Laser dentistry allows for gentler care.