The Dental Specialists at Transformative Patient Service Seminar – Total Immersion

dr. orenstein and his team at the total immersion seminar

Enhancing Patient Service Through Continuing Education

We at The Dental Specialists are proud to announce that our staff recently attended a transformative two-day Total Immersion seminar by the esteemed Total Patient Services Institute. Renowned speaker Steve Anderson, a luminary in patient relations, led the workshop, which focused on enhancing patient service, honing effective communication strategies, and building meaningful patient relationships. This impactful event, held in the serene setting of Wakefield, MA, on May 9th and 10th, offered our team valuable insights and actionable strategies designed to elevate our care and service.

Dr. Noah Orenstein, our esteemed lead prosthodontist, expressed enthusiasm about the seminar, stating, “The information presented at the course was both exciting and energizing. It gave us new perspectives and tools we are eager to implement in our practice.” We are committed to integrating these innovative techniques to improve patient interactions and overall experience. By focusing on personalized communication and building stronger patient relationships, we aim to ensure that every patient feels heard, valued, and cared for, enhancing their overall satisfaction and well-being.

Commitment to Building Intentional Relationships

We are dedicated to fostering strong, intentional relationships with our patients and among our team members. This commitment is at the core of our practice philosophy. Dr. Orenstein emphasized the importance of this goal, saying, “As a practice, we are highly focused on building intentional and meaningful relationships with each other and our patients. This course was perfect for us because it provided additional training and communication skills to further our goal of providing top-level patient service.” The seminar covered various aspects of patient interaction, including personalized communication techniques and strategies for improving patient experiences during prosthodontic procedures such as dental implants or smile makeovers.

The training, worth sixteen dental continuing education credits, underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and professional development. We believe that continually enhancing our skills and knowledge can offer our patients the best possible care. Our approach to patient care reflects this commitment to excellence, where every interaction is an opportunity to build trust and rapport.

Dedication to Professional Growth and Patient Care

Attending the Total Immersion seminar underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of patient care and service excellence. The new skills and strategies learned during the workshop will help us better serve our community by ensuring every patient feels heard, valued, and cared for. We believe continuous improvement is critical to providing the highest patient-centric care. Contact us today to find out more!

About The Dental Specialists

The Dental Specialists is a leading dental practice in Newton, MA. We offer a wide range of dental services focused on prosthodontics and dental implant work, prioritizing patient-centric care. Dr. Noah Orenstein and our experienced team provide high-quality dental treatments in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our dedication to continuous improvement and professional development ensures we remain at the forefront of patient care and service excellence.

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