What Exactly Happens During A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

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Have stained or discolored teeth that make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about your smile? Luckily, at a skilled and trusted dental professional’s office, people can improve the look of their imperfect looking smile with proven and reliable teeth whitening in Newton, MA.

Curious to learn more about what exactly happens when people get treated with a tooth whitening procedure? Continue reading to learn in more about what exactly happens during a professional tooth whitening procedure.

What The Procedure Process Looks Like For Teeth Whitening In Newton, MA

At a state-of-the-art dental professional’s office, the specific type of professional teeth whitening procedure patients can get treated with is Opalesence. Opalesence teeth whitening is a fast and effective procedure to whiten the patient’s smile with.

The procedure for Opalesence teeth whitening begins with an initial consultation, where the dental professional evaluates the patient’s oral health. The dental professional will also discuss the patient’s lifestyle habits to figure out the cause of their tooth discoloration.

Once the patient has been deemed a suitable candidate for the Opalesence teeth whitening procedure, the dental professional will clean their teeth to remove any plaque or tartar on the surface. This cleaning ensures that the whitening solution will evenly cover the patient’s teeth for the most consistent results.

The key step in the Opalesence teeth whitening procedure, is the application of the whitening gel. Applied several times in a single appointment, this gel contains hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate, which reacts with the stains on the patient’s teeth. After about 90 minutes, the patients discolored, or darkened teeth will be noticeably whiter. It’s a safe and highly effective procedure that can significantly enhance the appearance of the patients smile.

Is There A Way For Me To Maintain The Results Of My Teeth Whitening In Newton, MA?

To maintain the results, the patient can continue their Opalesence tooth whitening treatment at home with a special tooth whitening gel and toothpaste after their in-office procedure. The patient can also practice good oral hygiene, avoid foods and drinks that can stain their teeth, and consider getting touch-up treatments every few years.

Opalesence teeth whitening is not a permanent solution and the whiteness will fade over time. With proper care and maintenance, however, the patient can enjoy their bright, white smile for years to come.

How Will I Benefit From A Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The benefits of Opalesence teeth whitening procedures are numerous. The following are the main ways patients benefit from professional teeth whitening procedures:

Gives Fast And Noticeable Results:

For one thing, the results are fast and noticeable. Unlike at-home teeth whitening kits, which can take weeks to show any improvement, professional teeth whitening with Opalesence can brighten the patient’s smile significantly in just a single visit.

Are Safer Than At-Home Alternatives:

Opalesence teeth whitening treatments are also safer than at-home alternatives. A dental professional will ensure the teeth whitening solution does not harm the patients gums and tooth enamel, lessening the risk of them getting tooth sensitivity from it.

Boosts The Patients Confidence:

Finally, the Opalesence teeth whitening procedure will boost the patient’s confidence. A brighter smile can enhance the patient’s overall appearance, making them feel better about themselves.

Investing in the Opalesence teeth whitening procedure can be a valuable step towards patients maintaining, not just the look of their teeth but, their overall well-being and self-esteem.

See Us Now So We Can Transform Your Smile With A Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

When you have one or more stained, discolored, or darkened looking teeth, then you will want to come to our patient centered office for an Opalesence teeth whitening procedure. Opalesence teeth whitening will give you the quick and reliable results you need and deserve. We use the most cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and technologies to make sure we are giving you the exact new smile of your dreams.

As long as you clean and maintain your teeth properly at home, the results of your transformative teeth whitening procedure will be long-lasting. Why wait to improve the look of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Noah Orenstein and our exceptional team at our The Dental Specialists office to schedule an appointment today!

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